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The logs databases are in Excel 2010 format

Numbers logs database 1978-2016

Numbers logs database 2017

X06 definitions

X06 database


KMZ files N&O #156

KMZ files N&O #172  

Rivet manual

Books / documents

Cuban missile crises 1962 CIA doc.

Cuban missile crises 1962 NSA doc.

German WWII cryptography document

Havana Moon “Uno, Dos Cuatro”

Nicky Hager’s “Secret Power”

Rukovodstvo Radiosvazi SSSR

Russian communications WW II

Simon Mason’s book “Secret Signals”


The Cold War Spy Pocket-Manual review

Decoder printouts

Decoded HM01 RDFT files

Defense & Intelligence abbreviations

DigiFAQ 5.3

Mike Chase's numbers logs archive

Russian alphabet/numbers/morse

Russian Monolyth stations

Morse alfabets

Radio Slovar (Russian radio related word list)


N&O designators v10

ENIGMA active station list V1.2 February 2016

The Who’s who of Numbers stations


HM01, V02a and M08a schedules

Station Profiles

Chinese Military Nets (M89, M95, V26, etc)

Chinese stations

E03 / E03a profiles

ENIGMA 2000 - morse station short list

ENIGMA 2000 - morse profile

EV01 profile

EV02 profile

M21 / M41 profile

M22 profile

M32 profile

M42 / X06 profile

M43 profile

M51 profile

M89 profile

Morse station samples

MX profile

S28 profile

S30 profile

UM01 profile

UM10 profile

V30 profile

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